• A real time communication device

    smaller than your goggles.

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    We took extra care to create an ergonomic design suitable for diving conditions.


    We want to bring incredible sound quality, real time conversation, and convenience to carry underwater. A new audio communication device will promote safety to newcomer divers when danger arises. For experienced divers, a real time communication device offers a different experience, an added dimension when diving with peers. We believe this will allow group diving to be much more accessible and much less anxious to newcomers.


    Our devices can support all levels of divers: new, recreational or professional

  • How does our product work?


    Fast response speed, high energy conversion rate

    The blue and green LED light source is selected. Its luminous wavelength meets the requirement of underwater transmission loss and is suitable for voice data transmission in underwater environment


    Strong anti-interference ability

    Compared with underwater acoustic communication, optical communication has the function of both light and light, and has strong anti-fading ability


    Low equipment price, small size weight

    The price of underwater optical communication system is generally lower than other communication equipment, and the size of wireless transceiver is small, which can greatly reduce the weight of the system


    High fidelity, low bit error rate

    Digital communication has better fidelity and lower bit error rate than analog signal


    It has the potential to transmit hd video underwater

    A tradeoff was made between the transmission distance and the transmission speed, preserving the potential of underwater hd video transmission


    Product features

    On the basis of the current status of underwater optical communication technology, based on good underwater penetrability and directivity of blue green, this product after the audio digital signal modulation to (400-580 nm) in blue and green light signal, a light modulation driving circuit and optical signal launch system, and design of photoelectric conversion, amplifying circuit and signal demodulation module of the receiver, embedded in diving helmet, realization of underwater wireless optical communications. The system has the characteristics of high speed, large information capacity and long-distance transmission as far as possible. It can be mainly applied to the voice information transmission between divers, the information return transmission can be carried on the robot and the base station, and the industrial coastal telemetry can be realized.

    Potential application scenarios

    Military underwater communications scenarios

    1. Between the submarine and the submarine
    2. Between the submarine and the ship
    3. Between the ship and the frogman
    4. Between frogman and frogman


    Civil underwater communication scenario

    1. Untethered underwater robot
    2. Industrial coastal telemetry
    3. Underwater artificial intelligence
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